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View what our customers have to say about Turmeric Plus TM

“I started taking Turmeric Plus when I discovered that I had prostate cancer. I had my prostate removed but there was still cancer present in my body and I had radiation everyday for seven weeks. During the time I was having radiation I took Turmeric Plus three times a day. I had no side effects from the radiation until the very end and the doctors told me that I coped with the radiation very well. I believe that it was Turmeric Plus that helped me through this. Once the radiation was complete I reduced my intake to twice a day and I am now taking it once a day. I have been cancer free for 18 months.

I have a lot of faith in this product and myself and my family also use it for sore throats and over the last three years I have only had one cold and I recommend this product to people all the time.”

Robert Fagyen

“Having suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a number of years, I decided to give Turmeric a try. 4 months ago I started taking Turmeric Plus Liquid (Pure Food Essentials) and I haven’t taken a pain killer or anti-inflammatory drug since! I am feeling way less stiffness and pain and am truly amazed at the difference Turmeric Plus has made. Before commencing, I checked with my doctor who was very supportive and acknowledged the benefits being claimed about Turmeric …. one very happy customer!”

Vicki Sampson

“PFE Turmeric Plus is a wonderful product because as a liquid it acts immediately and you get relief very quickly. I take it myself for maintenance as is it tops as a preventative of inflammation and inflammation related diseases. I am currently helping a friend who had been taking PFE Turmeric Plus then stopped when she went on a holiday. She has returned with a lot of pain and her doctor has advised her to take turmeric. She has chosen the liquid supplement again as it is was very effective. “

Judy Graham

“I had a painful arthritic condition in all the joints of my body and had been having steroid treatment with my doctor. I started taking PFE Turmeric Plus at the end of that treatment and after two days all the pains started to disappear. I have been taking the supplement since January this year and have had no aches, pains or arthritis since then. I have had further scans which have shown no inflammation”.

Ken Harridan

‘My doctor has just given me the results of my annual full medical check-up, and he’s thrilled. Not one red tick! At 77 years of age I’m in premium health. I can’t tell my friends because they are all falling off their perches! I do look after myself. I eat well, sleep early and well, and I take I teaspoon of Turmeric Plus every morning in half a glass of water. The Turmeric Plus is really helping my arthritic fingers, and I seem to have more energy since I started taking it. I broke my ankle a few years ago and that slowed me down for a long time, but now, I’m able to walk quite a long way before the pain starts to niggle. I’m into a good routine with the Turmeric Plus. Someone suggested capsules, but I’m more that happy with the liquid formula.’


The people my age (70+) that I have told about Turmeric Plus, have had great results with reduced pain within a month of using it. In particular with arthritic and back pain. I have chosen to take Turmeric Plus as a preventative myself to ensure ongoing good health. I take no other medication at all.”


“After having had a lot of trouble with pain in my feet, I saw a podiatrist who diagnosed me with arthritis in one foot and suggested there was nothing more I could do except take pain killers. I was determined to find another solution and came across Turmeric Plus. I have been taking Turmeric Plus daily for 3 months now and the pain has lifted. Some days the pain had been so bad I could barely walk, but now I don’t need to take any pain killers at all and I just feel great! I regularly recommend Turmeric Plus to my customers with wonderful feedback and results.”

Rosieblu Gourmet Cafe

“A great tasting, efficacious product our patients love”


“The Kaizen Centre deals with patients with chronic pain and also systemic inflammation.  We have found Turmeric Plus to be an excellent natural anti-inflammatory without the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories. The research easily stacked up for using turmeric in our practice.  Our clients and our practitioners have been very impressed with the results.

Thanks for making such a great product.”

Dave Liow
The Kaizen Centre
Kaizen Institute of Health

“Myself and a group of my senior friends have very regularly taken Turmeric Plus for many months. We have found the natural anti-inflammatory benefits give us more joint flexibility and much less pain, and we do not have to use pharmaceuticals. My massage clients have found their arthritis is less painful and they have much better mobility. Some of us take it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Since taking it last thing at night, we have found we get better sleep and less joint stiffness in the mornings.

Thank you for the great service.”


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